When love rains it pours! 

When love rains it pours You can’t control what the heart desires 

Because you’re just in too deep 

attempting to swim through the overflowing river of real love 

In realization that only one person can bring sunshine to your grey skies 

Making your heart warmer than a sweet, sunny day

With knowing every word spoken from their lips only tells truth 

as you can see it through their eyes 

You love someone so deep 

you run out of words to say 

as your heart continues to skip a beat with a small thought of losing them 

every limb in your body begins to shake 

feeling the warmth of their body against yours 

When love rains it pours 

they bring you laughter when you’ve only felt pain 

Their eyes tell you they’ll love unconditionally everyday 

With confidence in knowing that they’re here to stay 

When they say I love you believe that it’s true 

When they say forever, believe they’ll never leave you 

And the moment they say goodbye will only be the day they’ll die. 

When love rains it pours with emotions of the heart not easily explained 

Take every breath with the one you’ll love through all headaches and pains 

When love rains it POURS into an overflowing river! 


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