Why beat yourself up? 

Why beat yourself up because you had the courage to love

You gave all your hopes that they were the one 

Why beat yourself when you loved, supported, and comforted them
It was their choice to be perfidious 

and their choice to abandon your heart 

Why beat yourself up 
Knowing you did everything you could 

loving them more than you loved yourself 

Why beat yourself up 
by accepting all the lies and deceit 

And begging them to love you 

 Why after the repeat of deceit and trust being lost 

That they deserve a love as pure as yours? 

 Why do you choose to search for answers to what caused them to break your heart 

knowing they won’t find ways to mend it back together 

Why beat yourself up 
And blame yourself for their selfish choices 

Never thinking of you without a conscience in their presence 

Why question every detail of who you are to make yourself think you aren’t worthy of love 

 Why beat yourself 

All you did was have the courage to love 

love someone whole heartedly without a second thought 


beating yourself up and 

allow time to heal your pain 

It’ll eventually subside as you learn to walk away  

Nothing has changed you just added to your experiences of love 
you’ll then once believe to have determination with another 

But always remember you cannot truly love someone until you truly love yourself 


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