World Series Champs! ⚾️💙

     Our boys in blue have taken the crown by defeating the New York Mets in the World Series! Kansas City has been blessed with an awesome all-star team of players with many levels of skill set. They played as not only a team but a family! The Royals have proven to be a team that has never been boastful nor arrogant because they’ve always stayed humble, which is an important asset to have to continue to be a successful team! The baseball gods definitely placed angels in the outfield to send the Royals home with win as the 2015 World Series Champions! 

   Throughout the entire post season and World Series, the town came together and rooted the Royals to their victory! During the series, Power and Light District of downtown Kansas City was over capacity because it was filled with die-hard Royals fans supporting with their blue gear.  Many fans also spent hundreds of dollars to be at the home games, purchased Royals gear and even traveled to cheer them on in New York. It’s been 30 years since the Royals won the World Series, so it means the world to be able to experience them  make history once again! Thanks to the Kansas City Royals our city has come together as a family to celebrate and support our boys in blue! 

Congratulations Royals!!!! 👑💙 

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