Two Way street 

Women go into relationships/”situationships” with the mindset that all men are the same so every man is being treated the same. They believe all men are perfidious without considering the good men that have been built around them. But a wise man once told me “You are what you attract”. A woman’s favorite line is “Men are always on BS” forgetting that only “BS” recognizes “BS”. This may only be my opinion but I believe women are the most unfaithful.  It only takes a few moments to admit that women really like to play with a man’s heart to get what they want. 

   Women have always tried to make a point to inform others of what they’re deservant of from a man failing to realize they should be what a man deserves too! Be all that you can for your man so that there’s no room for another woman to offer anything else to him. Once you focus on improving yourself you’ll see better results from a man. When men see that we compromise and work toward improving ourselves for the relationship they become vulnerable to  

 compromising and changing also. BUT, don’t just change because you want him to, make changes for the betterment of yourself to show growth and maturity. 

  Don’t ever forget that it’s a two way street in everything. You can’t get caught up with your hand out waiting for something to happen and you’re not willing to give. A relationship should be a team not just a partnership! 

Take a Few Moments