Morning Glory

These flowers are called Morning Glories. They will bloom gloriously in the morning, then swirl close as the day fades. They were planted behind a local tattoo shop in a garden full of so many other beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables. I started to become interested in what certain plants and flowers meant and the stories behind them. Morning glories were first known in China for its medicinal uses, due to laxative properties of its seeds. 




 It was introduced to the Japanese and they were the first to cultivate it as an ornamental flower. 


“The Ringuation” 

    I’ve noticed women make such a big uproar about having a ring on their finger that symbolizes “love”. Usually it’s either because their friend was given one from her significant other or they try to persuade their significant that it signifies love as if that’s the only way to prove that. Women begin to badger their significant other to present them with a ring. The meaning behind the ring could possibly be a trusted friendship, commitment to a relationship, or just a promise to get married one day. But, why can’t the actions of the significant other show all those things?

    As women, we get so caught up in envying our friends and what we were taught by society that a ring affirms a man’s true love. We look past the ways love is really shown. How much weight you add to this four letter word gives meaning to what you say, simply because the fundamental fact remains that actions speak louder than words. If a man is actively listening, devoting all his time, shows that he looks past your imperfections, lives by monogamy,and supports you by having your back, is what signifies true love. A ring can magnify the love or commitment to someone but it cannot validate true love without actions. Don’t let “The Ringuation”  be the cause of a downfall in your relationship. How many of your friends were given a ring by a perfidious significant other? 

Take a Few Moments  



Stuck in the Mud 

One thing’s for sure everyone has been at a point in life where it seemed like your whole world paused. You had goals and aspirations that you weren’t able to accomplish because financial aid, a family crisis, or fear of failure prevented you from that success. You get discouraged because you have nightmares about walking across the stage and receiving the degree you always dreamed of having but, that monster called financial aid kept you from it. We forget to think about alternative ways to receive money for school. Does scholarships ring a bell? Another monster strikes again “The silent success killer” fear of failure haunted your thoughts. It creeps in and tells you “What if I write this essay and then they don’t choose me?” You start to make excuses as to why you haven’t started working toward your goals that you can actually accomplished without anyone’s assistance. “But what if I don’t get the opportunity to get a job in that field” “They probably wouldn’t hire me” or “If I start working toward it what if I don’t get the end result I dreamed of” How will you ever get anywhere in life if you always make excuses and cause fear of failure to hinder you from achieving your goals and dreams? You won’t! The serial success killer that takes our life away is family. Family crisis has been the leading cause of hindrance to people’s lives. Don’t allow a death of a family member to take over your life. Always think about how proud that person would be to see you accomplish all your dreams! Allow it to be your motivation to keep going and push yourself to be the best you can be. We all get Stuck in the Mud but give yourself that extra push and make something happen! The day will come when you look back on how difficult it was to get where you are which will be at the top. Word of Advice: 

  • Adjust your expectations – Don’t put generic expectations on yourself and don’t let other do so either. You will begin to move forward in your own time ,but move forward before your totally lose yourself
  • Accept what you cannot change – accept the reality of your loss and letting go of what you cannot bring back 
  • Celebrate Life – The past is over and the future has not happened yet. Adopt a attitude that says, “The time is now: I need to live in the moment  and accomplish my goals”. 

 The road is never just a sweet ride through a beautiful garden of flowers. There’s going to be rocky roads, dead rodents, and road blocks of construction work that will lead you to the promise land (your accomplishments and endeavors)! So today I challenge you to take one step today and two steps tomorrow toward your goals! 

Take a Few Moments 

Hello World! 

Have you ever met someone who always questioned everything and always wanted to start discussions about various topics? Well, if you haven’t now you’ve met someone and that someone is me! I wanted to take a few moments to explain why I start blogging. I’ve always wanted to start blogging but I never actually took the time out to create and design my first blog. I created a blog to start documenting my short stories and to create a platform for people to express how they feel on topics such as, world tragedies, politics, family, parenting, fashion, setting goals, and everyday random thoughts. I named this blog “Take a Few Moments” because I believe,  in every opinion we as people should take a few moments to think before we speak, react, or respond to situations in any way. So with that being said, Take a Few Moments to check out my blogs daily! You won’t be disappointed!